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Summer salad with ‘Lumache’ & pesto


You like pasta and want a new idea for the hot summer weather? Here is a new recipe that will be sure to please: the ‘Lumache’ salad with pesto. Lumache are small, fairly thin pasta shaped like a snail shell, hence their name in Italian. This short pasta is easy to combine with various ingredients for your summer salads. Here is our recipe …


Ingredients :
(for 2)

300 gr of ‘Lumache’
Basil pesto
Cherry tomatoes
Mini bocconcinis
Grated Romano or Parmesan cheese


Preparation :

  • Cook your lumache according to directions – usually in boiling water with a little salt, for 3 to 5 minutes; once cooked, rinse them in cold water to cool them thoroughly, then drain;
  • Cut your bocconcini and tomatoes into cubes;
  • In a salad bowl or a large deep plate, mix your pasta with the pesto, then add the tomatoes and bocconcini;
  • Sprinkle the grated Parmesan or Romano on top, and add a few leaves of fresh basil for decoration;
  • Keep cool until serving.


Optional :
You can vary the flavor of your pesto, or the type of short pasta, stuffed or not… according to your taste!


And there you go! Another delicious salad that will delight all appetites!