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Happiness is here: 950 Fleury East!

Welcome to BONHEUR DES PÂTES, your neighborhood gourmet shop

Located on Fleury East in Ahuntsic, the gourmet shop Bonheur des Pâtes is, in a way, a micro-grocery store specializing in fresh pasta and ready-made meals, and everything to treat you to a tasty comfort meal, including a selection of many other fine food products, described in our Products section.

Our specialty gourmet shop welcomes you!

Welcome to your neighborhood…

Beyond its commercial vocation, the gourmet shop Bonheur des Pâtes is an integral part of your neighborhood life, offering you the anticipated happiness of these tasty comfort foods, enriched by a most enjoyable customer experience, while contributing to the development of the local economy.

Here is the answer to the eternal question “What’s for lunch/supper?”
If you want to lighten up the daily “What’s for supper?” routine, here are some quality products that will make everyone happy. For your on-the-go meal, or for a friendly tête-à-tête or, why not, for a dinner party with relatives and friends… then Bonheur des Pâtes will meet all your expectations!

Come into the store for a taste of our fine products.

Simple and friendly, with everything to bring happiness to your meals!

Bonheur des Pâtes is intended to be a simple and, above all, friendly business, at all levels: from the aesthetic and contemporary decor, to the functional layout of the space, to the variety of products and their display on the shelves.

Every you need, quick and easy
Once you have entered Bonheur des Pâtes, you can quickly browse the products, and choose what tempts you…

  • a selection of fresh pasta, made from 100% durum wheat semolina, produced locally every day by an experienced pasta specialist
  • accompanying sauces and pestos
  • delicious dishes prepared specially by our chef-caterer, including some special signature dishes
  • several other fine products, where even gluten-sensitive people will find their happiness!

Friendly tips included
We are also there to answer your questions, give you some ideas for your menus, suggest accompanying products for your meals … all with our seal of happiness!

The concept behind Bonheur des Pâtes is the creative result of three couple of friends: (l. to r.) Simon & Jocelyne, Pietro & Dina, Mimi & Vincenzo.

And if you’re interested ...
Here’s the story of 3 Quebecers and 3 Italians

Here is the little story of Bonheur des Pâtes which features three couples, in this case 3 Quebecers and 3 Italians.

The idea for Bonheur des Pâtes is the result of a combination of circumstances between friends, all business people, all lovers of good meals of fresh pasta and everything related, where all agreed that “happiness starts with giving”.

It all started with Jocelyne Leclerc and Simon Ayotte, professionals in corporate events and marketing, who had the idea of ​​starting a business in the food industry… something local, simple and above all, very inviting.

Enter the second couple in the story, Mimi Royer and Vincenzo Sciullo, both marketing communications specialists, with whom the idea is discussed, evaluated and developed.

Adding to this happiness, a 3rd couple, Dina Bauco and Pietro Macchione, professionals in the insurance and investment industry, jumped in to contribute their ideas and knowledge to the business.

And the rest of this story is being created, day by day… with you!